Pirelli and Ciclotte launch exercise bike with motorsport-inspired design


The first collaboration between Pirelli and Ciclotte Bike, created by Multi Design, was presented during Milan Design Week. This version of the exercise bike inaugurates the collaboration between the two Italian companies and is characterized by elements derived from motorsport.

The bike, designed by Luca Schieppati, differs from traditional exercise bikes as it features a number of different elements, starting with the single wheel shape.

This bike is designed to faithfully replicate the feel of pedaling a road bike, thanks to a multi-gear transmission, an electromagnetic resistance system, a frame that can flex laterally with every pedal stroke, and a narrow gap between these pedals, like on a racing bike.

An added feature is bluetooth connectivity, for immersive training experiences that simulate real roads, as well as training programs, spinning classes and multi-user challenges.

pirelli ciclotte exercise bike

Ciclotte combines a carefully studied ergonomic layout and excellent quality materials (including carbon and steel). Designed for a contemporary lifestyle in which physical exercise, work and well-being share the same space, the compact size allows the bike to be placed in different areas and used both for physical training and to complement home decor.

The Pirelli edition produced by Ciclotte stands out with graphics that mirror the layout of the tires used in the most prestigious car competition in the world, for which Pirelli is the sole tire supplier. These are available in five colours, just like a real race weekend: White ‘hard’, Yellow ‘medium’, Red ‘soft’, Green and Blue for ‘rain’.

For the first time, the Ciclotte will also have rubber handlebar grips, for better grip during the most intense workouts.

The Yellow and Red versions of the new bikes are on display during two events that are part of Fuorisalone – Milan Design Week, at the Excelsior Hotel Gallia and at the Illulian boutique.

photos: Pirelli


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