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KYMCO launches sports electric scooter, with unique design and two-speed gearbox


KYMCO launched in Taiwan the F9, a sports electric scooter, which has a unique design and two-speed gearbox.

According to the brand, the KYMCO F9 is the world’s first electric scooter equipped with a two-speed automatic transmission.

In addition, it was “designed to provide sensational driving experiences that change people’s perception of electric motorcycles.”

In fact, the KYMCO F9’s design is different from the traditional, very aggressive and aerodynamic, which “cuts” the wind. The tail is extremely short, giving the impression of a ‘street fighter’. It doesn’t seem to be very comfortable for the passenger.

Another highlight is the use of wide tires, with 110 / 80-14 at the front and 140 / 70-14 at the rear.

kymco f9 electric scooter

KYMCO innovated and made the chassis of this scooter with a unique design, using the battery as part of the structure. With that, it weighs only 107 kg.

With the two-speed gearbox, the brand says this is the world’s first two-speed automatic transmission designed specifically for electric scooters, which improves engine efficiency and power delivery. There is no information if there is the option of changing gear manually.

The KYMCO F9 is equipped with an electric motor of 9.4kW and 3.0 kgfm of torque, and a Lithium-ion battery of 96V / 40Ah. With the set, it is possible to go from 0 to 50 km / h in 3 seconds and reach a top speed of 110 km / h. The autonomy is 120 km with a charge (according to the brand) and the charging time is 2 hours.

kymco f9 electric scooter

Anyway, for those who like a scooter and enjoy a sports footprint, this KYMCO F9 can be a good option. Although the brand already sells some models around the world, the F9 is not expected to leave Asia and Europe.

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