Introducing the Future of Riding: Kawasaki’s Ninja 7 HEV Hybrid Motorcycle


Buckle up, fellow riders, because Kawasaki is about to “Change the Game” with the all-new Ninja 7 HEV, a hybrid motorcycle that’s set to revolutionize the two-wheeled world.

Unveiled in Europe, this futuristic marvel is the first of its kind to hit mass production* and is slated to grace showroom floors in January 2024.

At the heart of the Ninja 7 Hybrid lies an ingenious blend of a cutting-edge 451cc parallel-twin, water-cooled four-stroke engine – complete with manual or automatic gear selection – and a traction electric motor paired with a battery.

This fusion of traditional and electric power sources catapults the Ninja 7’s engine to 43.5 kW, surging to a remarkable hybrid net power of 51.1 kW thanks to the impressive “e-boost” feature.

kawasaki ninja 7 hev

Size-wise, the Ninja 7 Hybrid packs a punch, delivering 650cc to 700cc class performance with lightning-quick acceleration that rivals even 1,000cc-class supersport models, thanks to Kawasaki’s e-boost technology.

Plus, it sips fuel like a 250cc-class bike, all while offering sporty button-shift riding. Riders can also toggle between three distinct riding modes – SPORT-HYBRID, ECO-HYBRID, and EV – catering to a wide range of riding scenarios.

But that’s not all; this bike is a game-changer in terms of innovation. It boasts an idling stop feature that shuts off the internal combustion engine at stops to conserve fuel and reduce emissions.

kawasaki ninja 7 hev

In addition, the Automatic Launch Position Finder (ALPF) automatically selects first gear when at a standstill, and it even has a “walk mode” for effortless low-speed maneuvers and parking.

The Ninja 7 Hybrid’s chassis design is a work of art, carefully packaging the gasoline engine and a 9 kW max traction motor, with a 48V lithium-ion battery strategically placed for optimal weight distribution.

And when it comes to looks, this bike is a stunner, flaunting a unique HEV design with a matte lime green under cowl, complemented by silver and black bodywork that’s sure to make it stand out from the crowd.

Hop on, and you’ll discover a comfortable yet sporty riding position, guiding you to a high-grade cockpit equipped with intuitive switchgear. The full-color TFT instrumentation includes smartphone connectivity, enhancing your overall riding experience.

kawasaki ninja 7 hev

As the pioneer in the world of hybrid motorcycles, the Ninja 7 Hybrid sets the bar high. It seamlessly combines the best aspects of traditional and electric models, effortlessly tackling both city streets and country roads.

With its thrilling character and a plethora of groundbreaking features waiting to be explored, the Ninja 7 Hybrid ushers in a new era of motorcycle riding.

*Based on research by Kawasaki Motors, Ltd., the Ninja 7 Hybrid is the first mass-produced hybrid motorcycle (excluding scooters) from a major power sports manufacturer as of October 6, 2023.

photos: Kawasaki


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