Honda’s Electric Motorcycle Revolution: A Shocking Ride into the Future


Rev up your excitement, motorcycle enthusiasts! Honda is gearing up for an electrifying transformation in the world of two-wheelers. The electric motorcycle revolution is real.

Brace yourselves as Honda sets the stage to launch a whopping 30 electric models by 2030, a move that will not only revolutionize the industry but also make eco-friendly rides more accessible.

Accelerating the Electric Momentum:

This year witnessed Honda’s bold entry into the electric bicycle market in China, featuring three new models, including the stylish Honda Cub e:. Meanwhile, the EM1e electric scooter hit the streets in Japan and Europe, giving riders a taste of the emission-free future.

honda sc e: concept
Honda SC e: Concept

But that’s not all; Honda is cranking it up a notch by revising its 2030 electric motorcycle sales target to a staggering 4 million units. That’s half a million more than what they initially set out for, signaling a commitment to make electric bikes a global phenomenon.

The Future on Two Wheels:

Get ready for a ride of a lifetime as Honda unveils its global electric motorcycle based on the SC e: Concept in 2024. Following this, 2025 promises “FUN-oriented” models and plug-in electric wonders, spanning super sports, naked bikes, offroaders, kids’ bikes, and ATVs. Honda aims to roll out more than 30 diverse electric models by the end of the decade.

Electrifying Advancements in Connectivity:

Honda doesn’t just stop at electric power; they’re turbocharging connectivity. A modular platform allows customization while ensuring cost efficiency. Connectivity leaps forward with post-purchase updates, and the Honda RoadSync service evolves to offer suggestion-based navigation and charging station locations.

honda em1 e:
Honda EM1 e:

Battery Breakthroughs:

Diversity is key, and Honda understands it well. In addition to current lithium-ion batteries, they’re delving into lithium ferro-phosphate (LFP) batteries by 2025, exploring all-solid-state batteries for the future. This variety ensures a broader range of applications and cost-effective options for riders.

Revolutionizing the Purchase Experience:

Honda is flipping the script on how you buy your dream bike. Online sales bring the showroom to your fingertips, while “Experience Centers” in major cities provide a hands-on feel for the electric magic Honda is brewing. It’s about merging the online and offline worlds for a seamless, convenient experience.

honda electric motorcycle rose parade

Cutting Costs, Boosting Affordability:

Ever dreamt of owning an electric motorcycle without breaking the bank? Honda hears you. By 2030, they’re gunning for a 50% cost reduction in finished electric motorcycles. Plug-in models, optimized battery cells, and streamlined production processes are on the menu, making your dream ride more attainable.

Investing in the Future:

To power this revolution, Honda is investing big – approximately 500 billion yen over ten years. From production plants dedicated to electric motorcycles to advancements in software technologies, Honda is sparing no effort to make sure you’re at the forefront of the electric motorcycle wave.

The Road Ahead:

Honda’s vision extends beyond 2030, with a target of over 10% operating profit margin for the electric motorcycle business. They’re not just building bikes; they’re crafting a powerful legacy, embodying the spirit of “The Power of Dreams.”

photos: Honda


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