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Gates Launches Carbon Drive Moto X5 Belts to ‘Unchain’ Growing Electric Two-wheeler Market


Gates, a pioneer in belt-driven micromobility – is introducing the new Carbon Drive Moto X5 synchronous drive belt, made specifically for the growing electric two-wheeler market.

Gates Carbon Drive has been the leading belt drive solution for two-wheelers, for over 40 years as a cleaner, quieter, smoother, and more durable alternative to chain drives. The innovative Moto X5 belt is a significant addition to the Gates Carbon Drive portfolio as it offers the same core belt drive benefits but with even quieter performance than its predecessors.

Gates achieved this breakthrough in belt technology through the combination of a high-stiffness, long-lasting synthetic compound with Gates long-proven carbon-fiber cord reinforcement. The combination not only provides durability and strength, it also results in the quietest Carbon Drive belt yet.

Independent lab testing by AVL combined with Gates internal testing shows Moto X5 to be up to 15 decibels quieter than chain over a range of vehicle speeds. Additionally, throughout the life of the vehicle and under normal operating and maintenance conditions, Moto X5 is more energy efficient than chain, which can lead to improved vehicle range, a critical factor on electric vehicle applications.

gates carbon x5

The Gates Carbon Drive Moto X5 product line is designed specifically for mid-motor, sit-down electric scooters and motorcycles typically found in commuting applications in the rapidly evolving Asian market.

According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), new registrations of electric two and three-wheelers reached over 10M units in 2021, with the majority coming from China, India, and Vietnam. By 2030, they forecast that >80% of two and three-wheelers sold each year in China will be electric. As countries around the world implement sustainable transportation policies, such as further penetration of zero-emission electric scooters, Gates solutions are there to help.

“As the transition from internal combustion engines to electric scooters accelerates in core markets like India, Southeast Asia, and China, we expect drivetrain noise, efficiency and durability to become more important to customers,” said Tom Pitstick, Chief Marketing Officer, and Senior Vice-President of strategic planning for Gates. “Moto X5 is designed to meet the needs for quiet, long-lasting, low-maintenance operation. Congratulations to the efforts of our global R&D teams that made this breakthrough possible.”

Anyway, for more information, visit to learn more and connect with our Gates application engineers for individual consulting on optimized drive design using Moto X5.


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