Ducati and Lamborghini Unleash Artistic Thunder: The Mythical Collaboration of Paolo Troilo


In the heart of Bologna, the realms of motorcycles, art, and myth converged at the exclusive “Art of Creating Myths” event. Ducati and Automobili Lamborghini, the dynamic duo of Italian excellence, unveiled a masterpiece that transcends the boundaries of imagination and reality – “Centauro,” the brainchild of the artistic virtuoso, Paolo Troilo.

Paolo Troilo, renowned for his hyper-realistic finger painting, breathed life into “Centauro” with a technique as unique as the collaboration itself. This captivating artwork adorned the limited series Ducati Streetfighter V4 Lamborghini Speciale Clienti, following in the footsteps of Troilo’s previous creation, “Minotauro,” on a Lamborghini Huracán EVO in 2021.

The “Art of Creating Myths” concept took root in September 2022, coinciding with the world premiere of the Ducati Streetfighter V4 Lamborghini. This collaboration, a sequel to the Diavel 1260 Lamborghini, birthed a motorcycle that epitomizes sportiness, exclusivity, and fascination in a limited edition of 630 examples.


Not stopping there, Ducati and Lamborghini introduced an even more exclusive series – the Speciale Clienti, a personalized touch allowing 63 Lamborghini customers to configure their Ducati Streetfighter V4 Lamborghini mirroring their supercar.

At the heart of this artistic journey was the event on February 1, 2024, attended by 200 privileged Ducati and Lamborghini enthusiasts. CEOs Claudio Domenicali and Stephan Winkelmann graced the occasion, emphasizing the symbiotic collaboration between these two icons of the Motor Valley.

“Centauro” and “Minotauro” stand as testaments to the harmonious blend of iconic design, dynamism, power, and emotions that result from this unparalleled partnership.

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The event, a gem within ART CITY Bologna and a highlight of Ducati’s participation in Arte Fiera 2024, marked the brand’s commitment to the world of contemporary art.

As a partner of the fair, Ducati supported “Percorso,” an itinerary connecting galleries through the common theme of drawing, and instituted the prestigious “Officina Arte Ducati Award” to honor the most deserving work of “Percorso.”

In this immersive fusion of motorcycles and art, Ducati and Lamborghini continue to weave the fabric of Motor Valley’s rich history, leaving an indelible mark on the landscape of modern creativity.

photos: Ducati


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