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2021 TVS Apache RTR 200: 3 riding modes and adjustable Showa suspension


TVS launched in India the 2021 Apache RTR 200, which comes with 3 riding modes, an adjustable Showa front suspension and a high performance radial rear tire.

In India, the model got, in 2020, slightly redesigned LED headlights, LCD panel with Bluetooth connection (with some “smart” functions), two-channel ABS brakes and adjustments to the fuel injection system.

In addition, for 2021, it received a new color: ‘Matte Blue’, which complements ‘Gloss Black’ (Black) and ‘Pearl White’.

2021 tvs apache rtr 200

Cutting-edge technology

The 2021 TVS Apache RTR 200 is the first of its kind with some cutting-edge technologies: 3 riding modes, adjustable Showa front suspension, adjustable front clutch and brake levers and high performance rear tire.

Now, it has 3 riding modes: “Sport”, “Urban” and “Rain”. The first one releases all engine power and torque, and limits the ABS response. The last two, on the other hand, limit power and torque and allow a greater response from ABS (in ‘Rain’ mode, ABS operates at 100%).

The suspensions are now from Showa, with the front adjustable in the preload, allowing a comfortable or sportier fit.

The clutch and front brake levers have 3 adjustment options for greater comfort in operation.

Finally, the new high performance rear tire is the Eurogrip Protorq SR, a radial type with racing specifications. According to the brand, it has greater traction, stability and durability.

2021 tvs apache rtr 200

Improvements received in 2020

The Apache RTR 200 got in 2020 a new optical set, slightly modified, with the adoption of LED headlights, in addition to daytime running lightning (DRL), also in LED, around the headlights.

One of the new features in the 2020 model was the adoption of the panel with Bluetooth connection, which, with the “TVS SmartXonnect” app, allows turn-by-turn GPS navigation, call and SMS notifications, crash / accident alerts, low fuel warning, telemetry racing and motorcycle tilt data.

With that, an information button was added on the left handle of the bike.

The fall / accident alert system works as follows: when the motorcycle system detects a fall, using the tilt sensors, it enters the “fall alert” mode and, within 120 seconds, will notify via SMS your emergency contacts, with the location of the fall. If you do not want to send the notification, just press the “information” button before the 120 seconds are completed.

In addition, the system also detects when fuel is low and shows gas stations nearby on the screen, being able to easily navigate by GPS to any of them.

2021 tvs apache rtr 200

Engine with more technology

The 2021 Apache RTR 200 also received adjustments to the “race-optimized” fuel injection system, which, according to the brand, allows better power delivery and fuel economy, improves engine life and improves pollutant emission control. .

In addition, GTT (Glide Through Technology) was added, which allows you to ride your motorcycle, gently releasing the clutch, without having to touch the accelerator, at a low speed (usually used in the city, in traffic jams). It is possible to reach 7 km/h in the first gear, 12 km/h in the second and 17 km/h in the third.

Finally, the performance data remains the same. The engine is a 197.75 cm³ single cylinder with air and oil cooling, capable of generating up to 21 HP of maximum power and 1.85 kgfm / 18.5Nm of torque. The gearbox is 5-speed with slipper and sliding clutch and the brake is equipped with an ABS system, with one or two channels.

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