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2021 Honda PCX 125 is launched in Europe: new design, panel and headlights


Honda launched the new 2021 PCX 125 in Europe, which arrives with a new design, a new ‘widescreen’ panel, a new front optical assembly and a torque selector (HSTC).

The Honda 2021 PCX 125 brings a new, sharper design with more defined angles. The frontal optical assembly, in LED, also changed, adopting more rectilinear shapes, forming practically a solid piece.

The new lines also hide more storage capacity under the seat. An extra 2.4L brings the total volume up to 30.4L – perfect for a ‘full-face’ helmet and more. There is now also a Type C USB socket in the glove compartment, replacing the ACC charger of the previous design.

2021 honda pcx 125

In addition, it features a new chassis (frame), revised rear suspension (longer stroke) and wider tires.

The panel, as mentioned, is new, completely digital in inverted LCD, bringing a ‘widescreen’ appearance (the LCD screen is centered, with the other information on the sides, passing the impression of a single widescreen).

2021 honda pcx 125

New mechanics

The 2021 Honda PCX 125 received new mechanics, with an ‘enhanced Smart Power Plus (eSP +)’ engine, and adding the ‘Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC).

During the 2021 update, the engine cover and swingarm were redesigned to complement the new body.

Both wheels employ a new design to complement the new body, and the rear is now 13 inches in diameter (1 inch less than the previous model).

2021 honda pcx 125

Tire sizes are larger, 110 / 70-14 at the front and 130 / 70-13 at the rear (as opposed to 100 / 80-14 and 120 / 70-14 on the previous model).

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