2021 Honda CBR 600RR is launched in Japan with Fireblade design


Honda launched in Japan the 2021 CBR 600RR, the brand’s iconic 600 cc sports bike, which arrives with updated design and new technologies.

The 2021 Honda CBR 600RR has a design closer to the bigger ‘sister’, CBR 1000RR-R Fireblade, with new fairings, new front optics and full LED lighting.

On the sides of the fairings, close to the headlights, there are small ‘wings’, usually used as aerodynamic parts. If we compare it with the CBR 1000RR-R, they are small and are not “embedded” like those of the bigger ‘sister’.

Surprisingly, the chassis is the same as the previous model, with a short wheelbase and exhaust system under the rear tail.

The 2021 Honda CBR 600RR received adjustments to the inline 4-cylinder engine and 599 cm³, allowing more 500 rpm and, consequently, more power and torque. Now, the model is capable of generating up to 121 HP of maximum power at 14,000 rpm, and 6.5 kgfm (65Nm) of torque at 11,500 rpm.

2021 honda cbr 600rr

This was only possible with the inclusion of new materials in key components such as valve controls and crankshafts. There was also the adoption of intake ducts with a new design and larger diameter, in addition to optimization of the exhaust curves and changes in the diagram of the valve controls.

In addition, another improvement was made in the head, aiming at a better cooling in the region of the exhaust valves.

Cutting-edge electronics

In the electronic part, the bike gained riding modes, IMU – Inertial Measurement Unit -, device that registers in real time the dynamic behavior of the motorcycle, electronic throttle-by-wire (TBW) accelerator, ‘Honda Selectable Torque Control’ (HSTC), ABS electronic braking, ‘Wheelie Mitigation Control’ upright control and ‘Selectable Engine Brake’.

2021 honda cbr 600rr

The 2021 CBR 600RR panel is the same as the CBR 1000RR-R, fully digital in colored TFT, bringing a lot of information, including the new riding modes.

In addition, it gained assisted and sliding clutch. The system for quick gear changes (Quick Shifter), will be offered as an optional accessory.

Finally, the 2021 Honda CBR 600RR will be sold in a single color scheme, that is, Grand Prix Red, where red predominates accompanied by details in white and blue.

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