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Unleash Your Inner Warrior with the Limited Edition Yamaha NMax Connected 160 ABS Mandalorian


Yamaha has just launched in Brazil the long-awaited limited edition NMax Connected 160 ABS Mandalorian. This exciting scooter boasts a stunning design with graphics inspired by the iconic armor of the main character in the widely popular series “The Mandalorian”, which premiered on Disney+. Yamaha’s latest creation promises to turn heads and impress riders with its unique and captivating style.

With only 400 units produced, this special edition is truly a work of art on wheels that is bound to leave fans of the series and motorcycle enthusiasts in awe. Boasting exceptional beauty and top-notch performance, this limited edition is a testament to Yamaha’s commitment to creating motorcycles that are not only powerful but also visually striking.

Featuring an exclusive silver color known as “Silver Beskar,” the NMax Connected 160 ABS Mandalorian pays tribute to the rare Beskar metal used in the armor of the legendary Mandalorian warriors. The scooter is further adorned with brown details that complete the authentic look of the armor.

yamaha nmax mandalorian

In addition to its unique color scheme, this exclusive version features stunning graphics that include the Star Wars/Yamaha partnership name, the title of the “The Mandalorian” series, and the iconic Mandalorian code “This is the way” displayed on the front fender.

Adding to its already impressive design, the front fairing of the NMax Connected 160 ABS Mandalorian features graphics that follow the lines of the headlight, clearly alluding to the iconic Mandalorian helmet.

Finally, for the most dedicated fans, this exclusive scooter includes a special touch on the rear side fairing – the name of the series “The Mandalorian” is inscribed in the Mandalorian language. These subtle yet meaningful details add to the authenticity and immersion of the scooter’s design, making it a true homage to the beloved pop culture series.

yamaha nmax mandalorian

This attention to detail shows just how much thought and care went into the design of this limited edition, making it a true standout in both the Star Wars and motorcycle communities.

The NMax Connected 160 ABS Mandalorian marks the fourth collaboration between Yamaha Brazil and Star Wars, following the sales success of previous models such as the NMAX Galactic Empire and NMAX Rebel Alliance launched in 2020, as well as the XMAX Darth Vader marketed in 2022.

photos: Yamaha

xmax darth vader
Yamaha XMAX Darth Vader



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