Triumph Unleashes the Beast: The 2024 Tiger 1200 Roars with Upgrades


Triumph Motorcycle aficionados, gear up for a ride like never before as the British company unveils the revamped Tiger 1200 lineup for 2024, taking adventure riding to unparalleled heights.

Packed with a slew of enhancements and cutting-edge features, the latest Tiger 1200 promises an even more exhilarating experience on the road and off it.

Revamped Powertrain

At the heart of the beast lies the upgraded T-Plane triple engine, delivering a refined riding experience with superior low-speed control while retaining the thrilling triple character.

2024 tiger 1200

Thanks to changes in the crankshaft and associated calibrations, riders can now revel in a smoother torque delivery, especially noticeable at lower speeds. And that’s not all; an updated clutch design ensures seamless gear changes, further enhancing the riding pleasure.

Enhanced Comfort

For riders seeking endless miles of touring bliss, Triumph has upped the ante on comfort. The engine’s revised balancing strategy ensures a smoother and more refined ride, complemented by dampened handlebars and risers for a velvety-smooth journey.

2024 tiger 1200

The redesigned rider seat, with its flatter profile, offers ample space and reduced fatigue on those long-haul trips. Plus, the accessory low seat option provides customizable comfort, ensuring every rider finds their perfect fit.

Sharper Handling

Taking on corners with confidence has never been easier, thanks to the increased cornering ground clearance on GT models. Triumph has elevated the footpeg positions, allowing for greater lean angles and sharper handling.

With the innovative Active Preload Reduction feature, riders can lower the seat height effortlessly at the touch of a button, enhancing stability and control at low speeds.

2024 tiger 1200

Sleek Design

The 2024 Tiger 1200 lineup not only performs like a dream but looks the part too. With a range of vibrant new colors, including Carnival Red and Matt Sandstorm, these beasts are bound to turn heads wherever they roam.

From the road-focused GT Pro to the all-terrain Rally Explorer, there’s a Tiger 1200 to suit every rider’s style and preference.

Unmatched Capabilities

With dedicated wheel dimensions tailored to each variant, large fuel tank capacities, and a lightweight chassis, the Tiger 1200 sets the benchmark for adventure motorcycles.

Add to that a comprehensive technology package, including Triumph’s Blind Spot Radar System and Showa semi-active suspension, and you’ve got a machine that’s ready to conquer any terrain with ease.

Price & Availability

The 2024 Tiger 1200 lineup starts at £17,295 for the Tiger 1200 GT Pro, offering unbeatable value for the discerning adventurer. Backed by a three-year unlimited mileage warranty and competitive service intervals, Triumph ensures peace of mind for every rider, mile after mile.

In conclusion, whether you’re chasing horizons on the open road or seeking thrills off the beaten path, this beast is ready to roar into action, leaving a trail of adventure in its wake.

photos: Triumph


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