Revolutionizing WorldSBK: BMW Motorrad Motorsport’s Green Fuel Initiative


In a bold stride towards greener racing, BMW Motorrad Motorsport has teamed up with NORDOEL to introduce a groundbreaking alternative fuel to the World Superbike Championship (WorldSBK).

The fruit of this collaboration, the RacE-Fuel WSBK R40-A, promises not only to uphold engine performance but also to drastically slash CO2 emissions, marking a significant leap towards sustainability in motorsport.

The genesis of this eco-friendly fuel dates back to March 2023, when BMW Motorrad Motorsport and NORDOEL unveiled their partnership aimed at mitigating the environmental footprint of racing.

Named RacE-Fuel WSBK R40-A, this innovation is crafted through a fusion of cutting-edge technologies and sustainable production processes. The result? A fuel that not only meets the rigorous demands of high-performance racing but also champions environmental stewardship.

The spotlight now shines on the World Superbike Championship season in Australia, where the RacE-Fuel WSBK R40-A is set to make its official debut. With a minimum of 40% “non-fossil” content, in compliance with FIM regulations for 2024, this regenerative fuel represents a paradigm shift in the way we approach racing fuels.

But before its grand entrance onto the WorldSBK stage, rigorous testing was imperative. In January, amidst the scenic backdrops of Jerez (Spain) and Portimão (Portugal), initial trials of the alternative fuel were conducted. The ROKiT BMW Motorrad WorldSBK Team, the Bonovo Action BMW Racing Team, and the BMW Motorrad WorldSBK Test Team collaborated tirelessly to fine-tune the efficiency and performance of the RacE-Fuel WSBK R40-A. The verdict? Success.

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Christian Gonschor, Technical Director of BMW Motorrad Motorsport, expressed his satisfaction with the collaboration, affirming, “All of our bikes were on the track with this new fuel during testing in Spain and Portugal, and we are happy with this collaboration.” This sentiment echoes the shared commitment of both BMW Motorrad Motorsport and NORDOEL to spearhead sustainable technologies in motorsport.

Dirk Wullenweber, Commercial Director of Fuel and Marketing at NORDOEL, echoed this enthusiasm, stating, “Our goal is to create sustainable solutions for the motorsport industry, and this CO2-reduced fuel is a significant step in that direction.” With aspirations to develop a 102 octane fuel boasting 99% CO2 savings, akin to eFuel 95 Octane (99% renewable), the partnership remains dedicated to pushing the boundaries of eco-friendly innovation.

As the world eagerly anticipates the dawn of a new era in WorldSBK, propelled by the revolutionary RacE-Fuel WSBK R40-A, BMW Motorrad Motorsport and NORDOEL stand as beacons of progress in the quest for sustainable racing.

photos: BMW Motorrad


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