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Introducing the Jialing Bugatti 125: A Scooter with a Luxurious Name


Imagine cruising the streets on a Bugatti. Sounds like a dream, right? Well, hold onto your helmets because the Jialing Bugatti 125 is here to make that dream a reality—sort of.

Priced at a mere 7,980 yuan, roughly 1,000 euros, this scooter might not be packing the horsepower of its namesake, but it sure knows how to turn heads.

Now, before you start picturing yourself zooming past Ferraris and Lamborghinis, let’s get one thing straight: this Bugatti is a scooter, not a supercar. But hey, who said luxury had to come with a six-figure price tag?

scooter with luxury name

But wait, is this even legal? Can a scooter really bear the iconic Bugatti name without raising a legal eyebrow or two? Well, considering it’s only available in China, it seems the manufacturer isn’t too concerned about trademark debates. In fact, they even playfully dub this model the “Veyron version,” a nod to Bugatti’s famed supercar.

Now, let’s talk specs. With a modest 9.2 horsepower engine and a top speed of 80 km/h, this scooter won’t be breaking any land speed records. But who needs a thousand horses under the hood when you’re zipping through city streets?

Sure, it may not have ABS, but it’s got something just as handy: a combined braking system (CBS). Plus, with features like a bright LED headlight, an LCD display, and even a USB charging socket, the Jialing Bugatti 125 is packing more tech than you’d expect from a scooter in this price range.

scooter with luxury name

And let’s not forget about style. Drawing inspiration from European classics like Lambretta and Vespa, this scooter nails the retro look. From its hexagonal headlight to its sleek design, it’s got that vintage charm with a modern twist.

So, while it may not be the Bugatti you’re used to, the Jialing Bugatti 125 proves that luxury doesn’t always have to come with a hefty price tag.

So why not trade in four wheels for two and experience the thrill of riding a Bugatti—albeit a slightly different kind?


Marcelo Souza

Author, Editor and Administrator of the MotoNews World website, graduated in Accounting, passionate about motorcycles and technology.

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