Energica’s Cutting-Edge Electric Motorcycle Takes on Global Market with Launch in Japan, Australia, and Pakistan


The renowned Energica Motor Company, known for producing the world’s top high-performance electric motorcycles, has made a significant announcement regarding its global expansion. The company has successfully shipped its initial orders to Japan and Australia while also entering the Pakistan market with its innovative products.

Energica’s latest addition to their impressive line-up, the Experia, an electric crossover motorcycle designed for adventurous journeys, will be included in the deliveries. These motorcycles will be readily available for test rides and purchase at authorized dealerships.

The Italian company recognizes the Asia-Pacific region as a pivotal growth market, with a significant portion of its vehicle fleet consisting of two-wheelers. This region is currently experiencing an unprecedented surge in the sales of battery electric vehicles (BEVs), primarily fueled by strict regulations imposed on vehicle emissions. This has resulted in the APAC region now leading the world in both the fastest growth and the largest share of BEV sales.

Enabled by Ideanomics, Energica is strategically taking action to become the top choice for customers in the APAC region seeking a high-performance electric motorcycle.

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How is the Energica Experia

Designated by the brand as a Green Tourer motorcycle, the Experia is made specifically for you to hit the road, with a newly designed electric motor and battery.

Very comfortable, it has a heated grip, aerodynamic fairings and an adjustable windshield, as well as plenty of room to carry your luggage, with side cases and top case.

Ready for adventure, it comes with long-travel suspension and Pirelli Scorpion Trail II dual purpose tires. Despite this, the wheels are cast aluminum, requiring a little more care on roads with many potholes.

In terms of mechanics, the new Energica bike does not disappoint, as it has a double 330 mm brake disc at the front, Brembo calipers and cornering ABS.

In addition, it is equipped with Full-LED lighting, 5″ color TFT IPS digital panel, 7 riding modes (4 standard and 3 customizable), cruise control, traction control with 6 intervention levels, 4 regenerative modes and parking assistant (forward and reverse).

At the heart of the Energica Experia is its powerful motor, boasting a continuous power output of 60kW (80 HP) and a peak power output of 75kW (102 HP). This impressive performance enables the motorcycle to achieve a maximum speed of 180 km/h (112 mph). With a torque of 115 Nm, which increases to an impressive 900 Nm at the wheel thanks to the reduction, the Experia delivers an exhilarating riding experience.

Equipped with a lithium polymer battery with a maximum capacity of 22.5 kWh, the Energica Experia boasts an impressive range of up to 420 km (261 miles) in the city, 256 km (160 miles) in combined city/highway settings, and 208 km (130 miles) in ‘Extra-Urban’ environments. According to the published Worldwide Harmonized Motorcycle Test Cycle (WMTC), the Experia can achieve up to 222 km (138 miles).

photos: Energica


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